School Reputation Comes at a High Cost

Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Wouldn’t you like to have any of those schools on your diploma? Wouldn’t you like to get a graduate degree from any of these institutions? Do you think that you’ll have a better shot at a really high paying and rewarding job if you graduated from these schools? As much as we’d like to believe in equal opportunity here in the US, the truth is there is a hierarchy. Ivy League schools have a better reputation. They open more doors and can actually connect to a larger network of alumni that may lead to high paying jobs and positions.

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Student Life at a Christian College – What’s it Like?

Going to college is no easy task. Depending on the school you are attending, various available activities can help you enjoy your time throughout your studies. Most of you who are already attending a college know what is available to you. But what about those of you who are just applying, and can’t decide what school to attend? Have you thought about applying to a Christian college? Read on Blog to find out what student life is like at a Christian college.

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The Educators Guide To Creating Online Exams

Using software to create online exams is the most effective way to prepare tests for students. The new technology available makes online tests difficult to cheat and offers teachers excellent ways to vary their tests to suit the needs of their classes.

As easy as it is to create online exams, there is still not a single method that is right for everyone. Even the same class and teacher will have better results when varying their tests to match the needs of each situation during a single course.

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The Benefits of Homeschooling

Prescriptive curricula and ever-increasing targets for pupils and staff are two of the leading reasons why the number of pupils withdrawn by their parents for home schooling is on the increase. While in the past many of the reasons for taking children out of mainstream school for home tutoring tended to be negative, today most parents prepared to take this extremely important decision will argue that the gains are almost totally positive.

Targets and National Curriculum

The advent of Ofsted, the National Curriculum, national testing, league tables and survival by results culture in state schools has taken its toll on pupils as well as teachers and parents.

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Teach the World: How Technology is Changing Global Education

Education used to be limited to the space between the teacher’s blackboard and the classroom chairs. Now there is really no denying the potential for serious education on most any topic is virtually unlimited by either time or space.

The 21st Century Classroom

The internet allows information to be shared instantly across the globe, and now an increasing number of personal communication devices keep us in touch with the internet at almost all times. Add to that the fact educators continue to develop innovations that utilize information technology as a way of delivering their subject matter,

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