Student Life at a Christian College – What’s it Like?

Going to college is no easy task. Depending on the school you are attending, various available activities can help you enjoy your time throughout your studies. Most of you who are already attending a college know what is available to you. But what about those of you who are just applying, and can’t decide what school to attend? Have you thought about applying to a Christian college? Read on Blog to find out what student life is like at a Christian college.

Usually every college you look into will have a variety of available student activities and opportunities. Some of the standard options include academic organizations, sports, volunteer opportunities, clubs, and excursions. However, one option that is only available at Christian colleges is faith and service activities. So how do these students go about their college career, and what do they spend their free time in?

Academic organizations are huge at any school, including Christian colleges. Almost any academic program has its own organization. Organizations such as Accounting Society, International Business Association, Financial Management Association, Free Enterprise, Marketing Association, and others are great tools for further experience and information for students pursuing those degrees.

As for sports, it depends on where the school is located, and the student’s athletic abilities. Students that make a college sports team have a lot to juggle with practice and class. Students also have the option of joining a club sport or intramural sport. These can be less demanding, but are just as much fun! On top of clubs, organizations, and sports, there are scheduled trips as well. These may include concerts, movie nights, hikes, snowboarding, and others.

So, all the activities listed above are easy to find at any college or university, including Christian colleges, but how is a Christian college different? The most important and distinct characteristic that sets a Christian school apart from a public school is the integration of Faith and Service. Students at a Christian college have the ability to take classes on religion and the Bible, and efficiently participate in these activities as a part of their daily schedules.

So what is student life like at a Christian college? It’s very similar to that of any other college, with the added benefit of spiritual expression and enrichment through religious studies and activities. Students fulfill their responsibilities by going to class and work, and enjoy free time hanging out with friends, family, or the variety of activities offered by the college. In addition, they learn more about the Christian religion, attend Bible studies and enjoy the caring and accountability of prayer groups. Depending on whether students live on or off campus, their experiences may be different. Do you think you would attend a Christian college?