The Educators Guide To Creating Online Exams

Using software to create online exams is the most effective way to prepare tests for students. The new technology available makes online tests difficult to cheat and offers teachers excellent ways to vary their tests to suit the needs of their classes.

As easy as it is to create online exams, there is still not a single method that is right for everyone. Even the same class and teacher will have better results when varying their tests to match the needs of each situation during a single course. There are effective ways to make the right choices so the tests you develop are the right ones for each situation. Always keep the following points in mind when deciding on what type of test to create:

Purpose of the Course

Reason for the Test

Difficulty Level vs. Student Ability

Providing Information for Enough Variety to Eliminate Cheating

What Style Fits the Objective

Focus on Key Points When You Create Online Exams

With the exception of the final exam, it is best to create online exams that focus on very particular areas of the subject. If the subject matter is complex, divide it into sections and then sub-topics and create online exams for each sub-topic so you do not muddle the tests and confuse students.

Create Online Exams that Cater to Student Levels

The great thing about using software to create exams online is you can custom make each exam to meet the needs of your students. Only you know what level your students are working at. Some pre-fabricated tests are too rigid and do not meet the needs of many classes. However, too often teachers forget that with online programs they can create tests to match their student’s abilities and help build them up and give them opportunities to learn.

Create Online Exams that are Learning Experiences

With online testing you can choose to let students take each exam several times. You can decide to give them a certain number of chances, or simply let them keep taking it until they get the answers correct. Of course, you can also set the test to be a one-shot opportunity. For mid-terms and finals, or to advance to another chapter, single opportunity tests are the best choice. There are many times when you can use quizzes to help students learn, however. For pop quizzes or tests on sub-topics you can create online exams that are games or multiple opportunity testing actually becomes a challenge that students enjoy and learn from.

Make Tests Cheat-Proof when You Create Online Exams

Early forms of online testing came under fire for being easy to cheat. More up-to-date technology has made those issues a thing of the past. New programs that let you create online exams are virtually cheat-proof. However, they require an effort on your part to make them secure.

Giving enough information to the testing software lets it create a variety of different tests of the same type and style you choose so that no two students get the same test. That makes it difficult for classmates to get answers from each other.

If you are still worried about cheating and the random tests aren’t enough to satisfy that there is still a way to make it even harder for determined cheaters. You can create online exams that make use of question banks. These banks have a number of related, but not the same questions and answers. This not only eliminates copying, it stops anticipating questions.

Create Online Exams that have the Right Style for the Objective

If your objective is to encourage a love and enjoyment of the subject matter, use quizzes when you create online exams. If you need to determine if the student has assimilated the knowledge into their own understanding, use essays.

All-around knowledge testing for finals or periodic determination of your program’s effectiveness, choose multiple choice, true/false, matching or combinations of those styles. Picking the right style increases the effectiveness of your testing.